Transforms Your Fire into Colorful Flames

Add some spice to your next wood burning fire by making it a Mystical Fire! Mystical Fire is a campfire novelty that will provide colorful flames for any wood burning fire!
Everyone who enjoys Bonfires will love watching the color of the flames change for…

Mystical Fire - Colorful Flames

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the Mystical Flames last?

The colored flames last 55 minutes, based on a customer average. Usually between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

How many packets should I use?

One to three packets per fire. If you plan on having multiple fires, we recommend getting the 50 or 100 pack.

Can I cook food over the Mystical Fire?

We don't recommend cooking anything over the fire while magical flames is in use. In addition, do not open the packets for any reason.

Does it work with gas / propane fires?

Mystical Flames forges colored flames in any wood-burning fire. If your gas or propane fire contains wood, your good to go!

How do I contact support?

We'd love to help answer any additional questions / concerns you may have!
Please email us at or fill out our CONTACT FORM below.

Mystical Fire - Colorful Flames

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Mystical Fire - Colorful Flames